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Five EASY Things You Can Do To Start Losing Weight Today

on April 5, 2014
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Want to make immediate changes to your health that will speed up your weight loss success?  Let’s get started!

Drink water!  Like, NOW.  Water helps you to feel full, it helps you digest better, it helps your muscles to grow, and more!  Check out ‘Calories Per Hour’ for great info on how water can help you LOSE weight.  Keep track!  Write it down every single time you have a glass.  You’ll probably find out that you are not drinking nearly enough of it.  That’s why you HAVE to keep track until it becomes second nature.  I have these great water bottles that hold about 32oz of water.  When I finish, I know that I’ve had about four glasses of water.  That’s half of the suggested daily amount.  If you have trouble keeping track of/or remembering to drink your water, go buy one of these water bottles.  I found mine at Wal-Mart but I’m sure you can find them just about anywhere.  It takes all the work out of keeping track.  So, get up!  Grab a glass of water and come finish the rest of this post…

Snack smart.  Snacking is great if done properly.  And by properly I mean, snacking on the right things.  Say it’s 10:30am and it’s not quite time to take a lunch break but it’s been several hours since you had breakfast, what do you reach for?  Keep things on hand like apples, carrots, celery, bananas, hard-boiled eggs, etc.  Want non-perishable goodies that wont add a ton of calories to your day?  Try:  nuts, 100 calorie pop corn, granola bars, trail mix, 70% dark chocolate, raisins or other dried fruit.  Don’t reach for the candy dish, or a bag of greasy chips!  Neither of those will fill you up.  In fact, most of the time if we eat salty chips, we immediately crave something sweet and vice versa.  So, go for something healthy and typically, healthy will fill you up and keep you going strong until lunch with the added benefit that you’ll be losing weight.

Slow down when you eat.  I know that’s hard to hear when you have a 30 minute lunch break that zooms by as you try to make it to the break room, rummage through the fridge for your lunch, and then heat or prepare your lunch.  And what if you have to use the restroom?  Add all those things together and half of your lunch is gone right there!  So, if you are limited on time for lunch, I suggest planning your lunches out so that they are easy and need little prep or heating.  An already made salad with tuna, chicken or hard-boiled egg is one idea.  Turkey and mozzarella wrap is also another great choice.  Now, with less prep, you have more time to actually eat and you can slow down and really taste every bite.  Take your time at breakfast and dinner as well.  Going slow will allow your stomach and brain to communicate more effectively and you’ll realize you’re full before you eat too much.  When we stuff things down super fast we don’t give our tummy time to realize how much we’ve eaten so our brain doesn’t get the message that we are full until it’s too late and we’ve eaten more that we really needed to.  So, slow down!  You don’t have to count the times you chew, just move a little slower.  I find that looking at a magazine helps me eat at a slower pace.

Start with your veggies.  One thing that really worked for me, especially when I first started changing how I ate and how much I was eating, was to serve my plate and eat all of my veggies or my salad first before moving on to the main dish.  That way, I was getting in all the goodness of the veggies while also filling up before starting in on the main dish.

Lighten up on the seasoning!  I grew up with deliciously seasoned…well, everything.  My mom knew the way to make anything and everything taste good.  One of her favorite things to add, butter and salt!  If you’re hoping to drop a few pounds, eating tons of veggies that are LOADED with butter and/or salt will not help you!  Start small but everyday or every week, use a little less butter, salt, bullion cubes, etc.  And since I’m on the subject, I have to share a post from Scooby’s Workshop about sodium.  Please take a minute to read this:

So there you have it.  Five things that you can start TODAY  that will speed up your weight loss!


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