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Motivational Monday – Countdown Continues…

on April 28, 2014



Feeling a little slow this morning?  Want to feel excited about working out?  Here’s one of my favorite motivators:  New Workout Clothes!


Click image to go to to find this shirt


Lets face it, getting up and pushing ourselves to the limit physically on a Monday morning really sucks.  Not to mention, if you’re doing it right, you’ll be sweating and looking like a mess.  So who wants to look and feel even worse by exercising in that old holey t-shirt or those frumpy sweatpants you’ve had since you were in high school?   < That’s what I HAD been wearing, and it was a total workout ‘mood killer’!  And then I discovered how awesome it felt to find attractive, comfortable active wear!



Click image to be taken to to find these pants


Click image to go to to find these!


Yoga pants are my favorite!  Because of that genius ‘wide band’ and stretchy material, they make you feel thinner the moment you put them on AND  they make workouts a breeze because they move WITH you as you move and don’t restrict you or get in the way.



Click image to go to to find this sportsbra


A fun sports bra is one of my other ‘must haves’.  There is nothing worse than having those girls ‘bouncing’ around as you try to jog because the sports bra you have on is old or not strong enough.  When I first started working out after my son was born, I felt so gross and embarrassed when I would try to do cardio because I couldn’t keep my boobs in place….so I would ‘skip’ that part of the video or workout.  Don’t do this to yourself!  Go get a NICE, sexy and fun sports bra!  I guarantee it will change how you feel about working out.


You don’t have to spend a TON of money on workout clothes.  You can find active wear from Walmart or Target to Macy’s to Victoria’s Secret and on.  Feeling good about how you look is pretty important when it comes to exercising, since most exercises put us in compromising positions or have us doing things that feel ridiculous.  So, treat yourself this week to a new, sexy, feel-good workout outfit.  You will be SO motivated!  And that’s the point.



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