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on May 6, 2014

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So, I’m a day late posting ‘Motivational Monday’, sorry folks!  I was out and about all day yesterday and didn’t have a chance to do it, but I’m making up for it today.  I want to share another ‘success’ story that is so inspiring and motivating, it’ll have you jumping off the couch and into your kitchen to KICK THE JUNK FOOD TO THE CURB!  That’s right people, this amazing couple that I’m about to tell you about, lost weight because they CHANGED their eating and added low cardio exercise, like walking to their day.  Justin and Lauren Shelton lost over 500lbs combined!  And it wasn’t because of an expensive diet pill, surgery, or any other expensive weight loss program.  The Shelton’s made a change that is tangible for all of us.  They educated themselves about the food they were eating, what healthy alternatives would be and then took action.  Please take a minute to watch their story:

*Unfortunately, I am not able to embed the video at this time, sorry guys!  Let me know if there are problems with the link provided.


Inspired yet?!  I know I am beyond impressed right now!  You can do it too!  Start fresh today – all you need is a positive attitude and a desire to make the change.

And remember, we have THREE WEEKS until the un-official start to summer!!  Let’s get to work!



My fruit basket sits in the middle of my kitchen table. It’s easily accessible and makes sure my ‘snacking’ is healthy. What food do you leave on your kitchen counter??



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