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Lose Weight By Simply Clearing Off Your Countertops!!

on May 10, 2014

This is what I USED to leave on my counter…



A few days ago, I posted a picture with a caption about the food we keep on our counters.  What we see when we pass by the table or counter is SO important to our success in weight loss.  I still catch myself leaving cupcakes, cookies or candy out all day long to stare me down.  And that just leads to me craving them and eventually breaking down and eating whatever it is – just because it’s right there in front of me.

My parents are actually pretty healthy people but they have a terrible habit of keeping any junk food they have, (Cheetos, cakes, chocolate, etc.), right on the table or countertops where it is on display ALL DAY LONG.  And what do you think that leads to?  It leads to snacking on all the WRONG things of course!  I mean, after repeatedly passing by that bar of chocolate lying on the table all day, it’s so easy to break down and grab a piece…or two…or three…because it’s there and now that you’ve seen it, you want it and cant stop thinking about it!



My parents are not the only people who do this.  Just about everyone I know does it.  If you’re reading this and nodding along saying, “I do that too!”, then I’m going to ask that you stop reading, get up, and go put ALL the bad snacks in a cabinet….RIGHT. NOW.  Get it out of your sight!  If you don’t have enough cabinet space, store it in the garage, mud room or hall closet.  Just don’t leave it out to look at all day.  My trick is to put out a bowl of fruit or nuts so that when I feel like I need a snack, I find myself thinking about those instead of the junk food that’s hidden in the cabinet.

I’ve even had my husband hide the ‘bad’ food before.  If it’s something that I REALLY love, like chocolate chip cookies, I don’t trust myself to stay away from them.  Another trick is to make the junk food really hard to get to.  Like putting it on the highest shelf in your house where you have to get a step ladder or chair out to reach it, or putting it behind and underneath other food.  If you really HAVE to have it, you just have to work a little harder to get it.  And sometimes, the thought of rearranging things in our fridge just to get a snack, is enough to keep us from getting it!

So it’s really that easy, hiding the junk food and putting out the healthy stuff will actually help you to lose weight.  Yeah, it might not come off super fast if that’s ALL you do, but I bet you’ll notice a difference.  If you’re already exercising and eating better anyway, this simple step will accelerate your results.  What’s not to like about that?  So, put your apples, bananas, oranges, nuts or whatever else you’d like, out on the counter.  Bring your veggies and cold fruits to the front of your fridge, right at eye level.  Make the healthy snacks super easy to get to and hide your junk food.  This takes such little effort, that it’s worth trying.  I mean, don’t you just love weight loss tips that are this easy to do?  Changing your eating habits is one of the best ways start losing weight and the easiest way to keep it off for good.



*A lot of weight loss experts advise throwing ALL junk food and unhealthy snacks out as soon as you decide to lose weight.  If you can do this, great!  Go for it!  But I realize that many people who have children or another adult in their house may have occasional’ junk’ food lying around.  And, sometimes, it’s not practical to throw away all the ‘bad’ food.  So, if you fall into this category, this blog post is for you!

*I’d also like to add that you will get results by doing this AS LONG AS you are not just putting it in the cabinet to reach for it every time you want a snack.  It only works if you get it out of sight, out of mind and start snacking on healthier alternatives.



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