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FREE Online Workout Videos!

on May 16, 2014

That’s right, I’ve got the skinny on the best free workout videos on the web!  So where can you find them??



Yep, is my source for the best free workout videos.  It is owned, created and run by two individuals named Daniel and Kellie.  I first discovered them through Youtube while searching for a post-workout stretch and have been crazy about them ever since.  I am so impressed by what this team of two has managed to put together and the way they educate their viewers that I feel compelled to tell everyone about them and share as many of their workouts as possible.


If you take just five minutes to check out their site, you’ll find out why I’m so passionate about their approach.  The quality of their instructional videos is better than a lot I have paid money for in the past, but it doesn’t stop there – it’s also free.  It’s apparent that they have spent countless hours gathering, creating and putting this fabulous cyber training together, and I can really appreciate instructors who are prepared, well dressed, and knowledgeable.  (Yes, I meant to say ‘well dressed’.  I LOVE Kellie’s workout outfits!  And I especially love the fact that neither of them look like they are trying too hard to get your attention by wearing revealing clothes or ‘oiling up’ to look like they’re super sweaty).


I have spent years reviewing workouts online, on Youtube, VHS’, DVD’s, in magazines, books – you name it and I have found that it is incredibly hard to find good quality instructional videos.  I’ve wasted hours previewing or attempting workouts that turned out to be terrible!  Unfortunately, more often than not,  instructors move too quickly, don’t explain WHY they are performing certain exercises, and do not provide a good view of what they’re doing, so you never really know if you have it right or not.


Daniel and Kellie eliminate all of that frustration by using clear audio, a distraction free background and often times displaying a preview of the next exercise in the corner so you are not caught off guard and wont feel lost.  Not only that, they explain what group of muscles you are targeting and why.  As ‘no-brainer’ as that sounds, lots of people just starting out don’t always know why it’s important to work on certain muscle groups and believe it or not, a lot of fitness instructors neglect to educate you while leading you through the motions.


At, they go above and beyond to make sure you are educated about the exercise, why you’re doing it and how to properly perform it.  It’s clear that these two know what they’re doing.  Do yourself and your body a favor and check them out.  They have a wonderful website, filled with tons of great information in addition to their Youtube channel with hundreds of free professional videos.


Fitness Blender is not only a great place to get started, it’s a great place to keep coming back even if you have a gym membership, personal trainer or an established workout routine.  You will not be disappointed.




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