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Early Motivational Monday

on May 19, 2014



Are your abs ready for this weekend??

I usually take it easy on Sundays, but after a FABULOUS dinner prepared by mother-in-law, (with a second helping of dessert), I had to put in a little cardio time once I got home.  I will say that I DID NOT feel like it tonight!  All I wanted to do was plop down on the couch and put my feet up, but I pushed myself to do it and I’m so glad I did – I felt great afterwards.  Sometimes, all we need is to push ourselves a little.  I started out saying, ‘Just a 15 minutes HIIT workout and then I’ll chill out’.  Well, I did a 17 minute HIIT workout and after I was done, decided to do a 20 minute bike ride.  That’s how it usually works.  Get yourself moving and you’ll feel like going a little further.  Do nothing and you’ll feel like doing nothing.

Once I finished my bike ride, I came in, stretched it out and then had a delicious, tall glass of ice cold water followed by my fat burning tea.  I feel so energized!

I don’t always push myself this hard, but Memorial Day weekend is NEXT WEEKEND!!  I’ll be breaking out that bathing suit and I want to look amazing!  I know you do too!  So ladies, cut back on the salt this week, kick up the cardio and reap the benefits this weekend!  And don’t forget to drink your WATER!


Have an amazing Monday!


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2 responses to “Early Motivational Monday

  1. Rae Ayers says:

    You look great! Awesome blog and good information.

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