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The Workout: March – May

on May 26, 2014
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My Monday, Wednesday, Friday Routine

(*This is Part 2!  Please check out:  The Workout: Jan – March)



Taken in late April – I was working out to lose weight and was totally surprised when I noticed my shoulder definition. One more reason to keep going.


Scooby’s Beginner’s Dumbbell Workout

Bret Contreras’ 30 Day Glutes

Scooby’s 3 Min Abs that I alternated with 10 minute Xhit or Fitness Blender Ab workouts



Beginning of April – roughly 2 weeks in to the new dumbbell workout.


Two things to note:  About a week or two in, I started substituting the 10 minutes of burpee’s in the dumbbell routine, for a 10 minute cardio video from Youtube.  The one I most commonly used was Fitness Blender’s 10 Minute Express Calorie Blaster because they made me really work for it, like the burpees do.  As for the Glutes, I did this a little over a month because I took more days off than he says to take.  Go at your own pace if you try it.  I definitely saw major improvement by the end!



Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday



Glute improvement!!! Thanks to Bret Contreras! He gave me a foundation and I’ve been adding to it since then. Check back later to see my current workout and updated pics. *Photo taken early May.


As always, these are typically optional for me.  I did not stick to one thing or another, just did what I felt like doing.  If my body needed it, I rested all four days.


Running Training (yes, still just the training because I have NOT followed this continuously)



Bret Contreras 30 Day Glute Challenge

Fitness Blender HIIT workouts

Abs (Dave Sinclair, Xhit, Fitness Blender)


And of course, REST!



Right after my evening walk. Get out there and boost that metabolism by walking in the evening, girls!! You’ll be glad you did.


P.s.  Keep in mind that my arms look bigger in some photos than other because I’m flexing.  They do not look like this all day long!  That would be a bit much for me.  Women do not gain muscle like men do so it’s nice to go around with slim looking, feminine arms that look pretty impressive when flexed.  It’s like carrying around a concealed weapon.


Got questions?  Feel free to comment below or shoot me an e-mail!



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