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Getting Motivated

on June 6, 2014

Happy June, everyone!  Boy, am I glad to see this beautiful month and amazing weather!!  How about you?


Have you ever had a summer come (and go) that you didn’t want to go swimming because you just couldn’t feel confident out there in your bathing suit?  Cue the horror music – eek – it’s here again and you’re not prepared.  Don’t worry, here’s the good news:  you’re reading this blog so you are already one step closer to getting a ‘beach body’.  (I use that term for effect – I’d prefer to call it, ‘Your New YEAR ROUND Body’, because we don’t want just a beach body if we can have it the whole year, right?)

There are TONS of suggestions on my site and millions of other sites out there for just how to get ‘lean’, or ‘toned’ or to ‘lose weight’.  But what good are all of those workout plans if you never actually do them?  What good does the new diet do if you only follow it for a week?  So today, we’re going to talk about the hardest part of getting fit – GETTING MOTIVATED.


What is motivation?

“The general desire or willingness of someone to do something” (from Google ;))

Desire.  Motivation is the desire in ourselves to do or change something.  That’s it.  Whether it’s a burning desire to look like that picture in the magazine or to impress friends and family, it all started with a STRONG feeling found deep within ourselves.  What gets you to start exercising in the first place?  Because you desire to look and feel differently than you do now.  You’re not going to be very successful if you try to lose weight because your mom thinks you should.  If it isn’t YOUR desire, you’ll never have true motivation to keep going.

So, we know what causes us to get motivated, and then what?  Where does that ‘burning desire’ go?  For me, when I have a goal in mind it’s all I can think about.  But as weeks go by and my focus shifts from ‘why I’m doing it’ to ‘how I’m performing the movements’ or ‘when do I have time to do it’, I start to lose track of why I started.   We all have distractions that shift our focus or send us in a different direction.  If you are stressed because of work or family obligations, it’s only natural that after a few weeks or months, you’ll lose track of our goals.

motivation quote 1

Here you are, with your goal plastered before you like a giant movie screen.  You see a thinner, more confident you in your bathing suit hanging out by the pool.  You see yourself jogging by early morning traffic while there is still a little fog in the air…that’s pretty easy to follow, right?  And now imagine someone abruptly rips the reel from the projector and replaces it with your credit card statement, lists of household chores and a large picture of your boss’s face…and not just any face, but that face she gets when she’s about to call you into her office.  Feeling sick yet?  Do you still feel as excited about working out?  Do you feel like dropping everything and finding a way to make those images disappear?  That’s totally normal!

Of course you want to handle the things that make you feel uncomfortable first!  But sometimes, that isn’t always possible.  There might be a day when you get a call from your boss telling you to arrive early the next morning so she can ‘talk’ to you.  Yikes!  You get that sick feeling and now you have to go all evening and night thinking about it.  Or if you find out that you spent a little more than you thought on your credit card and the minimum payment is more than your budget can handle.  These things suck.  But, you can’t let them win.

When you start to feel distracted, spend just five minutes bringing your goals back into focus.  Here are a few questions to jumpstart your motivation after a disturbance or even just the normal weekly distractions.  (I recommend going over these questions once a day if possible, or at least once a week).

Why are you doing this?

What do you want to achieve?

What will you gain from achieving your goal?

What are you going to do today/this week to help you reach your goal?

Now, how confident are you?  If you’ve had diets or exercise plans fail in the past, you may be dealing with doubt that anything new will work.  Do you have confidence that you will stick with it and not give up?  Do you believe that you WILL get results?

*Printable version:  triggering motivation

Feeling a little more motivated??


Hang up a picture that inspires you.  Move the picture to a new place once a week to keep it fresh.  For example,  hang it by your nightstand one week, fridge the next, bathroom mirror, dashboard of your car, etc.)  If the picture doesn’t seem to motivate you anymore and you need a good motivation jump start, go on Google, or Pinterest and type in ‘fit women’ (or men).  You WILL be inspired.

Some days I just want to eat an entire box of ice cream loaded with brownies, nuts and whipped cream.  Obviously, that’s not healthy and would NOT help me reach my goals.  But just saying ‘You probably shouldn’t do that’, doesn’t always help me.  My trick that works 99% of the time is to quickly look up someone I admire on the internet like Jamie Eason and scrolling through her site and pictures…(can you say perfect body?!)   Seeing that re-inspires me and reminds me of my goals and why I don’t want to binge on the ice cream.  And that’s really what it comes down to.  Remembering WHY we’re doing this, being confident that all this hard work is going to pay off, and triggering that strong, deep down desire, so that we take action.

To re-cap:  In order to get motivated we need to trigger the desire to make a change – and to trigger it, just ask yourself a few questions and spend five minutes really visualizing what you desire.  Utilize those notebooks and write your heart out about your goals and why you want what you want.  Put motivational pictures EVERYWHERE!  It will help, trust me.  Heck, start a blog and tell people about it so you’re motivated to keep going!!

 motivation qoute 2

Need additional motivation or inspiration??  Email me!!  I can help 🙂




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