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The ‘Not So Lazy’ Sunday

on June 8, 2014

Sunday is a great day to ‘prep’ for the upcoming week!  So get your list together, knock out your shopping trip and get prepared to PREPARE!!


I know it can be a real drag to stand at the sink washing and then chopping all of your fruits and veggies for the week, but it’s so worth it!  You wont have to play the guessing game before work…”Do I have time to make lunch?  What can I take?  Oh shoot, we’re out of bread?!!”  <——I have SOOO been there!


You will love the time it saves when you open your fridge Monday morning and there’s your lunch and the money it saves when you don’t have to order out.  BUT, you will especially love the shrinking waistline after eating so well!

Food prep can be boring – I’m not gonna lie – so what I usually do is prop the computer up and listen to a book on tape or watch a video while I work, and other times I just listen to music.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll actually enjoy it and be surprised how fast you can get it done.


^ Fresh veggies with homemade Lime Cilantro Hummus

What was on my list to prepare for this upcoming week?



Green Peppers









Eastern Cantaloupe

Hummus (homemade)

Chicken Salad

Eggs (Hardboiled)


Non-prep foods:



Peanut Butter (for PB & J, and Celery)

Whole Wheat Wraps (for my Egg Salad or Chicken salad served with spinach and mustard – yum)



This is my ‘snacks and lunches’ list.  I usually don’t prep dinners on a Sunday and the earliest I’ve ever started working on dinner is maybe 8hrs beforehand to crockpot or marinate something.  If you’d like dinner ideas, please let me know!!

I can’t leave this post without mentioning my ‘power weapons’ that make slicing, dicing and chopping SOOO EASY.  My J. A. Henckels Knives!  They are a life saver!  I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Ladies, if you do not have a good set of knives, you HAVE to invest in some.   This is so important!  Even just one high quality knife will save you a ton of time in the kitchen.  You definitely deserve to splurge on your kitchen tools.


From largest to smallest:  Chef’s Knife, Serrated Utility Knife and Paring Knife

What does your prep list look like?  Please share!  I love hearing new ideas 🙂

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2 responses to “The ‘Not So Lazy’ Sunday

  1. Mama Ames says:

    Sunday are my planning days too! I love this post. Thank you for sharing.

    • yellets says:

      Thank you! I love looking in my fridge after everything is washed, chopped and put away. It makes life a lot easier. Have a great rest of your day!

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