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Making The Switch: Snacks

on June 11, 2014

Part 2:  Snack Switch

The snack switch is just as important as the meal switch.  I believe that it is essential to eating healthier and lighter meals during the day.  You wont over eat at lunch because you will have had a filling snack beforehand.  But the snacks need to be healthy!!  If you’ve been snacking on junk for years, this might take time to get used to much like the breakfast switch, but you can do it!!


Your current snack style| Healthier Alternative

Salty Chips and a Soda  |  100 Calorie popcorn and tea (hopefully unsweetened)

Peanut butter or cheese crackers  |  Peanut butter and celery or apple

Poptarts  |  Granola with dried fruits and nuts

Peanut M&Ms (or other sweets)  |  Unsalted nuts and dark chocolate


The three step process:

Okay, so a few years ago when I was eating junk all the time, my typical snacks included things like cream filled cupcakes, sodas, energy drinks, individual chip bags, cheesy popcorn and definitely lots of chocolate.  I would never have gone from those ‘delicious’ treats to raw veggies – that’s crazy!  If you CAN do that, you are way ahead of me.  I had to take the ‘gradual approach’ much like I did with breakfast.  So I’m listing ideas for a three step process to get you snacking better!

Sample Step 1 Snacks:  Special K bars (or other treat bars with 90 calories), granola bars, Pirate booty, Russell stover’s sugar free candies, peanut butter crackers, sugar free pudding and jello, pita chips, sun chips, trail mix, smoothies…


Sample Step 2 Snacks:  celery with peanut butter, carrots and broccoli (or any veggie) with hummus, apples and cheese or peanut butter, granola, fresh or dried fruit, kale chips, dark chocolate…


Sample Step 3 Snacks:  plain raw veggies, plain fresh fruit, cubbed hardboiled egg whites, plain yogurt, unsalted nuts, 80% (or higher) dark chocolate…


What is YOUR favorite healthy snack?


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