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Taking A Break

on June 12, 2014

Today is all about taking it easy!  I just wanted to remind all my beautiful Superwomen out there that your body needs that rest day!  I used to get antsy on my rest days and just wanted to be doing something.  I felt like if I took a day off, everything I had worked for would disappear (ridiculous, I know).  Of course that’s not true – we actually need rest to get better results!  I don’t have to force myself to take a day off anymore, I welcome them with open arms!


*But only for 15minutes unless I am LOADED with SPF!!! Gotta protect that skin, ladies!

But for those of you who have  a hard time getting your brains and bodies to ‘chill out’, here’s my advice:  find a distraction!  Go shopping, go to the pool (which is a sneaky way to stay active on your rest day), just go somewhere!  Reading a magazine or surfing the web on my chill day DID NOT help me.  Just sitting still made me want to move more so I found that staying slightly active helped tremendously.

Sometimes just a walk around the mall or a lap in the pool is enough movement to get that ‘antsy’ feeling out of your system 🙂  Low cardio on your day off is fine, you just don’t want to do ANOTHER HIIT, or overwork your arms, legs or back at the gym.  So whatever you spend your rest day doing, just keep in mind that you are doing your body a huge favor, and it will repay you!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

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