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The Quiet Workout

on June 23, 2014

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Look Better Naked

At the beginning of last year, I had purchased two pairs of Yoga pants and two workout DVD’s that were ‘guaranteed’ to help me lose the baby weight (according to another mom on some forum).  I got my Yoga pants and was so excited to use them but wanted to wait until the videos arrived.  I had a plan and it felt SO good.  I kept telling myself ‘This weight is coming off ASAP!’

The first DVD came in the mail, (‘Look Better Naked’), and I hurriedly threw on my new yoga pants and popped that sucker in.  I WAS SOOO EXCITED.  I only made it through five minutes.  No, not because it was too intense (it might have been but I only did five minutes, lol).  And not because it’s not a good workout – I’m sure it is.  My problem was that it was LOUD.  Does that sound insane?  Maybe, but my two month old son was down for his nap and woke up the second he heard all of the ‘jumping’.  Can you imagine my disappointment?!

So, I tried again the next day.  I said, “I’ll just do the movements softly”.  Well that didn’t work.  They move entirely way too fast for me to ‘land soft’ and because of my weight and lack of muscles, I had little control over how I landed anyway.  I gave up again around the five minute mark because of the noise I was making.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  But it’s reality.  It would be a good workout…if I had a basement.  But I don’t.  I have a one story house and my living room (where my TV is located) is right in the middle of the house.  I was so frustrated!  I did try it again a few weeks later – the last attempt – and again, it woke my son up.


My little man right around 2 months old – when I started my workouts

You’re probably thinking, ‘Your kid is a ridiculously light sleeper!’  And he is.  Some of you may have babies that can sleep through an earthquake or fire alarm…but I know there are other moms out there who have a baby that wakes up if the wind blows…like mine does.  So this post is for other mothers who’s precious little one doesn’t want you to get a chance to ‘Look Better Naked’.  We are going to get you there.  I still recommend watching the DVD, even if you can’t go through the motions – you will probably be inspired AND, if there comes a day when you can do it, you will know the moves a little better.

So, last Monday I did my usual cardio routine for about 20 minutes but instead of following it with a 20 minute cool down walk, I decided to try a ‘low impact cardio’ video that I’ve been wanting to review.  And that sparked a few posts on losing weight after giving birth.  (Crazy how that works right?)  What video started this?  It was Fitness Blenders ‘Quiet Cardio Workout’.  And I loved it.

Quiet Cardio Workout

It is a terrific workout if you are just starting out, have a sleeping baby around, or if you are looking to do a 20 minute cool down after a more intense cardio.  I loved it, my body felt amazing afterwards and I kept thinking, ‘Why didn’t I discover this last year?!’

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Up next:  ‘The Truth About Exercising After Having A Baby’





One response to “The Quiet Workout

  1. The main idea of it all is that you are not just giving up because it is waking up the baby. You are finding alternatives, AWESOME!

    Just remember, it is not about when you start, but that you start and keep up with it.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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