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The Truth About Exercising After Having A Baby

on June 24, 2014

(Please note:  If you are reading this blog, you agree to my disclaimer)

What is it REALLY like to exercise after giving birth??  Allow me to explain…


baby belly

Picture to the left was taken right after the first contractions were felt. Picture to the right was taken exactly one week after he was born. Unfortunately, the second pic was a starting point from where I gained MORE.


Your boobs are probably larger than normal and super sore (especially if you’re nursing) – jumping is an absolutely miserable experience.  A tight sportsbra works pretty well, but if you have sore boobs, squishing them flat is also extremely uncomfortable.  And the pain that accompanies ‘jumping’ is pretty unbearable – that fact alone made me quit tons of workouts.


If you had a vaginal delivery, your lady parts are still going to hurt for weeks and possibly months after giving birth especially when you do physical exercises like running, lifting anything, jumping, crunches, etc.  For me even walking around the block caused me some discomfort and extra bleeding (sorry to be so graphic!).  I experienced pain for a very long time after delivery especially when I attempted anything physical.


Truth be told, those high intensity workouts that include jump rope, jumping lunges, running in place, etc…might be more than your post baby bladder can handle. If you’re brave enough to hit up a gym to lose your baby belly, just be prepared.


I know….this is the worst…and you’re going to hate me for saying it.  But, if it took nine months to put the weight on, chances are it will take another nine to lose it all.  It could be less, could be more but this is a good number to keep in mind.  You’ll have a more realistic idea of expected results and hopefully that will keep you motivated.


Other noteworthy changes:

Your core is weak – Ab exercises will prove to be slightly more difficult than before, but it is possible to regain strength in your core.  It’s also possible to have visible abs again 🙂

Finding time and energy to workout isn’t easy – New mothers are instructed to ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ so your time for working out will feel limited, especially when you have cooking and cleaning to do in addition to attending to baby.  You will feel EXHAUSTED and working out is not going to rank very high on your ‘to do’ list.  You’ll thank me in a few months for suggesting that you take 20 minutes of naptime to exercise regardless of the condition of your house.

What now??

So, you see you’ve got a slew of possible problems to deal with.  And these are problems that can get in the way and block our progress…if we let them.  But we’re not going to let them.  Tomorrow I will be talking about solutions and listing off a few suggestions from my own personal experience to get you on the fast track to losing the ‘baby fat’!

After everything you’ve been through and are going to go through because of that little bundle of joy, you deserve to have the body you want!  And you’re going to get it if you follow me 😉  See you tomorrow!

What changes did you notice about your body after having a baby?  Are there things that still give you a little trouble?

DSC_0088 (2).1

Know someone who has recently had a baby?  Please share!  Lets help each other out!

Up next:  ‘How To Lose The Baby Weight’


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