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How To Lose The Baby Weight

on June 25, 2014

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My guide to losing weight while caring for an infant/toddler:


YESTERDAY, we talked about the issues that can arise when attempting to workout after giving birth.  I know how desperate you feel to get back to ‘normal’ after having a baby.  I was affected both mentally any physically and the struggle to get back on track was rough.  I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I realized my ‘pre-baby’ wardrobe was not going to be an option after my son was born and that I’d have to settle in to my maternity jeans at least for another season.  If you’ve been there or if you’re going through it now, below you’ll find the things I did that actually got be back in regular clothes.


Sore boobs, back and … ‘ahem’ …??  A light sleeper?  Bladder issues?  Here’s how to handle that:

Forget the HIIT, Insanity, P90x, etc…at least for now.  For all of the issues listed above, I was able to combat the discomfort with things like Pilates and Yoga.  Great for a sleeping baby and great for body pain.  Try alternating between the suggestions below for a full weeks worth of workouts that can all be done at home:

Pilates –

(Grace and Gusto by Ellen Barret, Caroline Sandry…)

Yoga –

(Rondey Yee, Nancy Goodstein, etc)

Fitness Blender –

‘Quiet Cardio’

They offer a variety of ‘low impact’ workouts

Squats –

Squats <— they do more than you think!

Light weight training

(if you’re cleared by Doc )

Here is a very informative article on weights after birth

(Note:  If you have not been active for a while, always view the video prior to actually doing it and definitely consult your doctor.    Pick something you can complete time wise and physically – you’ll feel empowered and be more driven to do it again.  The ‘Don’t quit til you puke, pass out or die’ quotes are NOT for people who haven’t been exercising. (Those are kinda sick quotes anyway). If you were to pass out while baby is sleeping, that is super dangerous.  So, don’t push too hard if you’re a newbie!!  But don’t sit down or take lengthy breaks – keep moving just slow your pace. And remember, if all you can do is 20 minutes – great! 20 minutes a day is 2 hours and 20 minutes a week you spent burning calories!!)


2:  Break out the stroller!

Ok, so we’re going to get that cardio in ladies – with baby!!  Put that cutie in the stroller and go for a walk!  My kid was born in the middle of winter – but I didn’t give up my walks! There are all kinds of wonderful inventions out there to keep them warm while you’re out.  I used the stroller, the sling, and the front carrier to make sure I got my walks in. So, summer or winter, take that little one on a walk.  Pushing the stroller gives you added resistance that will help burn a few extra calories.  If it’s too cold/hot – head to the mall and do laps (great idea for early mornings since not many people are there at that time).  For me, I had to work up to a faster pace and longer distance.  So, start small but do a little extra every day.  Add one minute or even just 10 more steps before turning around and heading home.


3:  Put on a show for baby –

That’s right, fit in a 10, 15 or even 20 minute workout while baby watches.  I LOVED doing this because it made my son laugh to see mommy moving all around.  I did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (which was super hard at the time and I did not make it 30 days – more on this later), but my son thought it was entertaining.  I would put him on one of those ‘Play/Gym’ mats so that he was beside me and could watch everything I was doing.  You may have to stop what you’re doing a few times to adjust your little one but don’t let that stop you!


4:  Dance –

Oh this one is great!  Babies love it and it definitely works up a sweat!  I danced all around with my son and sang while I did it.  Just be careful not to do jerky movements.  It is a great bonding experience and you’re burning calories while teaching baby rhythm…what’s not to love?  My husband and I also entertained him a lot with dancing all aorund the house while he watched – which was an incredible workout.  Need dance inspiration?  Try belly dance with The Belly Twins ( I LOVED doing belly dancing with Veena!)

On a finishing note:

Obviously naptime is your friend.  Use that time wisely!  My naptime order of importance was as follows: catch up on sleep, workout, cook, clean.  Definitely get the sleep you need, but don’t feel guilty for fitting in a workout instead of washing dishes.  The dishes can wait.

Exercise goes way beyond just getting ‘thin’ again…you are actually doing so much more than JUST LOSING WEIGHT.   You are setting yourself and baby up for success down the road…and I mean from just a few weeks to years down the road.

A happy mama is a happy baby.  A healthy mama is a healthy baby too.


Exercising will boost your energy, confidence, ability to fight stress and it will inspire you to eat better.  Obviously, all of that will come in handy with baby/child care.  Exercising also helps you to get a better nights sleep and, lets face it, you need every minute of sleep to count right now.

In addition to all of the positive effects it will have on you, it also creates a healthy atmosphere for baby to grow up in.  SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

In Review

Any suggestions that I didn’t mention?  Please comment below and let me know your experience!  What was the hardest part of losing weight after baby for you?

Tomorrow I’ll have a brief post on food suggestions for the new mom – so be sure to check back!

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