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Postpartum ‘Diet’

on June 26, 2014

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Today’s brief post about ‘a new mother’s diet’ is really just to remind you NOT TO DIET.  You need to recover and not worry about limiting your food intake right now.  Obviously, you don’t want to consume an insane amount of caffeine, sodas, sugars, and sodium, but you shouldn’t skip meals or ‘eat light’ in an effort to lose weight faster.

Get an idea from your doctor of what a healthy amount of calories a day would be for your own situation.  You may be surprised that your idea is lower than what you need at this stage.  Don’t just guess – talk to a professional.  And track it!  Not for weight loss purposes, but for your health –  you could find out you are not consuming enough, especially if breastfeeding which could result in low energy.


Look to fuel not just to eat.  And by that I mean, choose foods that do more than just fill you up, such as veggies, fruits, grains, oatmeal, and eggs.  And LOTS AND LOTS of WATER!

Here are some ideas from my diet the first few weeks of baby’s life (the healthy things anyway):

Fresh veggies and hummus,

Yogurt and fruit,

Peanut butter, banana & honey sandwich on whole wheat bread – yum!

Oatmeal with dried fruit & nuts

Trail mix – (even made my own at one point)

Hard boiled eggs (for egg salad, to add to a salad or just plain)

Lots and lots of greens – kale, spinach, turnip greens, lettuce, etc.

I ate pita chips and crackers with cheese but I would only recommend this in small portions as the cheese can make you MORE constipated…yikes (I ate entirely way too much cheese after he was born)


Veggie burgers with lots of spinach, cheese and tomatoes!

Salmon with asparagus and brown rice (or quinoa)

All types of wraps – so easy and so satisfying during those first few weeks

Soups and stews – lentil soup, vegetable beef stew, carrot & potato soup…etc

And of course whole wheat pasta (because it was so easy to whip up) – add mushrooms, olives, beef, you name it!

Have you been there before?  What were some ‘go to’ meals for you?  Was there one thing that you HAD to have?  For me it was bagels and cream cheese – and I’m sorry to say but I do regret that – I ate them WAY too much.


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Questions?  Contact me at or comment below.

Thanks for visiting!  Have a fabulous Thursday, Ladies!

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3 responses to “Postpartum ‘Diet’

  1. oldladykatie says:

    Every day for an afternoon snack I have pita chips and guacamole made with avocado, Greek yoghurt, and salsa… So good, my toddler eats it too!

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