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Bounce Back with Me!

on July 7, 2014

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend!  We filled our entire week with cookouts, fireworks, family fun and or course some delicious treats!  And speaking of holidays and delicious treats….how did you do?


My Red, White and Blue cake! It looked a lot better right after it was made but hey, it still tasted good 🙂

I’m not going to lie, I went a little crazy…I had brownies, banana split ice cream,  key lime pie, turtle pie, sugar cookies, more brownies, cake and oatmeal raisin cookies.  Yes, this went on all week.  So much sugar that I felt a little sick the next day AND had headaches once the sugar wore off!  It’s safe to say that I took it too far.  But that’s life and sometimes we all do that.  Here’s how to bounce back after a weekend (or week) of crazy eating…


Sugar cookies shaped like the USA!

Start with water!  Drink two glasses of ice cold water upon arising in the morning to help boost your metabolism and ‘get things moving’.  (Adding a little lemon gives it an extra boost).


Eat a super healthy breakfast.  Did you drink a little too much over the weekend?  Grapefruit can help with hangovers and it’s a great metabolism boosting food.  Starting the day with a healthy breakfast will kick your entire day off right.  You’ll have more energy and feel encouraged to make other healthy decisions throughout the day.


Make cardio a priority!  Fit it in first thing if you can, if not that’s fine but make sure you do it at some point.  I find that getting my cardio out of the way in the morning is often the only way I make sure it will happen and then for the rest of the day I feel EXCELLENT!  Go for a quick jog, hit up the treadmill, or even follow along with a video – just make sure you fit it in!  Cardio is going to be the fastest way to lose the weight you gained over the past few days…or week.


Take a cold shower.  Sounds miserable, but it feels great after a few minutes.  I have never gone to the extreme and put it on solid cold, but I get as close as I can!  Cold showers are a great way to boost metabolism and burn a few calories without doing hardly anything.  It’s also extremely energizing.  So, hop to it!  Go get refreshed!  Need more info?  Check out this article from on the benefits of a cold shower – you may never want to take a hot one again…


Keep and eye on size.  Last but not least, if you didn’t put any restrictions on portion size this weekend, get back to it today.  No, don’t make your plate ‘skimpy’, just watch your serving size and how many helpings you get.  Sounds like a no brainer but I’ve noticed that after a big weekend of eating whatever/whenever, we tend to stay in that mindset for a few days or even weeks before we get back on track.


Keep in mind, today is your fresh start.  Even if you are dealing with yesterdays choices, it’s TODAY’S choices that determine tomorrow – so make healthy decisions!!


Today is full of

Have a fantastic week, everyone!


2 responses to “Bounce Back with Me!

  1. Mama Ames says:

    Your cake and cookies look amazing!

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