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What is up with my glutes?!

on August 6, 2014

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Ok, fellow fitness bloggers, who can tell me the truth about building strong (and round) gluteal muscles??

Not only have I found it much harder to build my derrière than really ANYTHING else on my body, I’ve found that information on glute building can be completely misleading and totally false.  I am looking for the truth, not just for me, but for all the other ladies out there who are struggling to get results and are being mislead by false claims, crazy websites, or ridiculous videos.

For instance, one website states that you need to work them daily in order to have any results – and they list off about 10 exercises you should be doing to stimulate muscle growth.  On a different website, they advise only working them out once a week to avoid plateau.  Some routines advise doing a full lower body workout twice a week and say you should really burn the muscle out, yet still other programs have you do evertying from lunges to fire hydrants to lyring leg raises to bird dogs and insist you come back every day to do these.


So which is it?  What has worked for you?  Is anyone else frustrated with the mixed messages out there?


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