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Hello there!  I’m so glad you found my blog!  I’m Leah and I created this blog to give YOU the resources you need to get healthy and fit.

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More detail?

After years of trying to get in shape and repeatedly giving up and starting over, I realized that lots of other people were going through the same thing.  I was getting tired of internet searches leading me to the latest equipment that would give me abs or the top 10 fitness magazines telling me one thing this month and something completely different the next.  I’ve spent years looking through exercise DVD’s, reading magazines, listening to others share their experiences with the latest diets they are trying out, and constantly searching the internet for more advice.  Do you know that if you do a general search for how to lose weight, you’ll get advice like, ‘eat less and exercise more?’.  Well, duh!  But say you haven’t exercised in a long time.  Or what if no one taught you ‘how’ to exercise?  For example, my knowledge of stretching didn’t go beyond what I learned in gym class.   So when I would work out, I would do the few stretches I remembered from school.  I ended up in terrible pain! Number 1, I was stretching like a 4th grader and ‘bouncing’ through stretches, Number 2, I wasn’t letting my body warm up first and Number 3, I was going too deep in my stretches.  The DVD’s I had watched weren’t much help.  The instructors fly through stretches or tell you to ‘always finish with a good stretch’.  I realize that some of you might have way more knowledge on the basics of exercise than I did, but I know there are people out there who will be starting out like I did and who need a little help.

So, I am collecting EVERYTHING I’ve learned that has worked for me and cramming it all in this one site, for you.  I want you to become the healthiest you’ve ever been.  I want you to get a good nights sleep, wake up in a great mood, be able to run around the yard with the kids, without feeling ‘tired’ or feeling ‘pain’.  And I want weight loss or what ever other goal you have to be an amazing side effect to all these other fabulous changes.  I’m passionate about this because I had my life transformed once I started exercising and eating differently.

I’m not rich.  I don’t have a gym membership.  I don’t spend tons of money on expensive health food.  And this is the last and top reason I created this blog:  I wanted to show you that you can get results on a VERY tight budget and without joining a gym.  Buying healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.  And getting in shape doesn’t have to cost anything.


April 2014

Why should you listen to me?

Here’s my story:

I grew up in an athletic family.  We did everything from field hockey to soccer to running to aerobics to martial arts, tai chi and even some weight training.  We had our own garden and mom made her own bread at one point.  We ate all kinds of healthy and diverse foods.  This was ‘unusual punishment’ for me as a kid since all of my friends had meatballs in their spaghetti and my sauce was filled with veggies and made with wine.  So by the time I was a teen, I started eating junk food whenever I could.  Lunch money was spent on pizza, Doritos and blow pops.  I started eating canned ravioli in the middle of the night and for a while had mac and cheese with a soda for lunch EVERY DAY.  I was so young and it didn’t seem to have an effect on me.  Because of my metabolism, I was burning it off and I didn’t see a problem with the way I was eating.  I will add, although I didn’t gain much at that time, I did start to feel sick almost constantly.  There was a queasiness that would drift in and out throughout the day and last for weeks.  And this ‘nausea’ would come to haunt me for years.

Around 19 or 20 years old, I started getting interested in exercise.  I tried to go for a jog and 30 seconds in, (I’m NOT kidding) I thought I was going to die.  So I decided to stick with videos.  I found a wonderful Jane Fonda Aerobics video from 1984 that I did three days a week.  My body changed, my skin changed, my appetite changed and I felt amazing.  On alternate days, I did my own ‘ballet influenced’ dance routine.  This all worked out great until I started dating and working more.  Once life changed and I had less time, I slowly stopped doing my workouts.  I can remember trying to speed up the videos and I’d do all the exercises faster and then fast-forward the tape…that was a terrible idea, if you don’t know why I’ll explain later.

I started to give it up slowly and by 22, I wasn’t exercising much at all.  I was still in the mindset that I could eat and drink what ever I wanted and so I did.  Well, by 23 I started gaining.  I was consuming lots of alcohol, eating fast food and drinking energy drinks and sodas to boost my energy.  I RARELY packed a lunch and ordered out almost everyday at work (I cringe when I think of all the money I could have saved!).  And the gaining was so slow that I kept up this lifestyle without much notice to my gain for another two years!  I started ‘spilling’ over my pants, some I couldn’t even pull up over my hips.  I had to buy a whole new wardrobe.  From age 22 to 25, I had gained around 35 – 40 lbs.  I am not exact on those numbers because for a while we did not have a scale and I never weighed myself.

The thought of having to fit into a wedding gown made me realize how badly I needed to make a change so I started on a diet plan that my sister had introduced to my mom, called ‘The Belly Fat Cure’.  I actually really like this guy and I think it could have worked better if I had really followed ALL of his advice.  I lost around 7 lbs, but it stopped there.  After the wedding, I continued my terrible way of eating and gained some of it back.  So I started the ‘get healthy’ journey all over again and that’s when I became pregnant.  At first I was able to stick to my healthy foods and even picked up riding my bike every day, but then the nausea set in.  I lost 17lbs in my first trimester.  I was sick constantly and lived off of ginger ale, toast and chicken noodle soup.  Like seriously, I ate that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My second and third trimesters were better, but I constantly had heartburn, which kept me from eating too much.

And then he was born.  My little bundle of joy!  Suddenly, I could eat things again without heartburn!  It felt so good.  I could eat anything I wanted and not feel terrible…and so I did.  I ate bagels with cream cheese, brownies, ramen noodles, subs, Chinese food, huge plates of pasta with garlic bread, you name it, I was eating it.  Since I was up every two hours, it was comforting to eat something and I didn’t care what it was.  So I started to gain weight and quickly too.  Now, I not only had the left over ‘baby belly’ to deal with, but I also had added weight to it and started filling out in the face, arms, legs and thighs in a way that made me look worse than when I was pregnant.  I had to wear maternity clothes for MONTHS after he was born.  When my son turned four months old, I thought, ‘This has GOT to change’.  And that’s when my journey began.

My total weight loss from one year ago is around 20 lbs!  I haven’t starved myself, taken any diet pills, or jumped on a crazy fad diet.  It all has happened because I changed my eating and started exercising.  The best part is, I FEEL amazing.  I can jog again!  I haven’t been able to do that since I was a kid.  I have more energy.  My skin looks a ton better, my periods rarely cause discomfort, I sleep SO good and I am truly happy.

Other things about me:

I love to craft.  I love photography and have been taking pictures and studying it since I was 11.  The summer is my favorite season but I love the ‘change of seasons’, and love snow days.  Outer Banks is my favorite vacation spot.  And my favorite way to spend time?  Why, with family of course!  I am a total social bug and I talk A LOT.


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  1. Eliza says:

    Wow! Can I share this on FB?

  2. Ann Ayers says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal journey! It’s great to know how you’ve gotten to where you are. It has totally motivated me. I’m going now to make my “healthy foods” grocery list!

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