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How To Stay Fit On Vacation


Who wants to exercise on vacation???


Yep, that’s what I thought…I probably have one reader who excitedly yelled, “ME!” while the rest of you decided to skip this part and scroll down to the good stuff.  But I hope I still have your attention…this can make your life so much better!

Here’s why you should stick to some form of exercise while on holiday:


1.  You’re consuming more…

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably consuming at least 500-700 extra calories a day on vacation.  I know, that sounds terrible, but with all the quick stops during travel (and I like to munch while driving on long trips), and then the restaurants, drinks, desserts, beach snacks…etc…it adds up.  And for me, I start ‘vacation eating’ the day before I leave and keep it up until at least a week AFTER vacation.  You’re shaking your head at me, but I promise I’m not the only one!


2.  You’re not working out…

Most of us like to take a break from exercise on vacation.  I mean, lets face it, you’re out of your element, you don’t have YOUR gym, or YOUR workout space/equipment and lounging by the pool is a lot more fun than working out.  So you take the week off.  There isn’t anything wrong with taking a week off – actually it’s good to take time off.  But vacation might not be the best time to do it.  Keep in mind if you combine vacation ‘fun food’ with no exercise, you’ll probably gain.  So, take a week off from working out once you’re home – where you have a little more control over the food you eat and wont be as tempted by junk food.


3.  It’ll help the vacation blues…

This is perhaps the most important reason (for me at least):  Keeping up with exercise will help fight off the ‘after vacation blues’.  And I get those BAD.  It’s already hard enough to come home and get back to the real world, but add in a 7lb weight gain (or more) and you’ll feel even worse.  Not to mention, if you didn’t exercise all week, you might find it hard to get motivated after a week of being off.  Chances are though, if kept it up through vacation, it wont be as daunting to jump back in on Monday.  So enough said, do your workout ladies!


My suggestions???


20 minute brisk walking each day



^ Last week we took a mini vacation to WV, but didn’t let that interfere with our regular evening walks!  We had a great time exploring the town while getting in some after dinner cardio 🙂

Make up your own HIIT!

This is the best vacation workout option in my opinion.  No equipment?  No way to view videos?  Limited on space and time?  Do a 20 minute fat burning cardio HIIT!  I made up my own and it was harder than a lot of videos I follow.  I was dripping with sweat by the end, but it felt soooo good.  I wrote down everything I wanted to do and for how long and added it up to make a 25 minute workout including warm up and cool down – but not stretches (I did those separate).  Example:  high knees, burpees, jump rope, jogging in place, mountain climbers, etc.


^ Right after my homemade vacation HIIT last week – you can’t see the sweat, but it was definitely there!  Hope this motivates my Superwomen to get up and move!


I love getting in a morning jog on days I know that I’ll be busy.  It’s easy, requires no equipment, and is actually quite soothing.


Last week, we had the opportunity to explore the mountains on our mini vacay.  It was an incredible workout.  So, do a little research and find out what is around your vacation spot that you could explore.

Pushups, Squats and Plank

Set a timer and then run through some basic exercises until time runs out.  Just make sure you warm up and cool down!


There are lots of ways to get in a little fitness on vacation, just make sure you set out time for it.  Do a little Yoga in the A.M., swim laps in the pool before anyone else gets up, find some willing participants and play a little football or soccer…just get moving for at least 20 minutes.  You’ll be so happy that you did.


^ And here is the ‘proof of sweat’ photo.  Gross I know, but this is what keeps me going.


So, if you want to maintain the body you’ve been working so hard for, do yourself a favor and keep up with exercise while away.  Would you stop brushing your teeth on vacation??  I certainly hope not!  So treat your body with the same discipline, even when you don’t feel like it.  After it’s over, you’ll be glad you did.

Got a vacation coming up?  Share your ‘post workout selfies’ below to help motivate each other.  Don’t be ashamed!  Be PROUD!  Can’t wait to see my sweaty fellow superwomen!!

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Bounce Back with Me!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend!  We filled our entire week with cookouts, fireworks, family fun and or course some delicious treats!  And speaking of holidays and delicious treats….how did you do?


My Red, White and Blue cake! It looked a lot better right after it was made but hey, it still tasted good 🙂

I’m not going to lie, I went a little crazy…I had brownies, banana split ice cream,  key lime pie, turtle pie, sugar cookies, more brownies, cake and oatmeal raisin cookies.  Yes, this went on all week.  So much sugar that I felt a little sick the next day AND had headaches once the sugar wore off!  It’s safe to say that I took it too far.  But that’s life and sometimes we all do that.  Here’s how to bounce back after a weekend (or week) of crazy eating…


Sugar cookies shaped like the USA!

Start with water!  Drink two glasses of ice cold water upon arising in the morning to help boost your metabolism and ‘get things moving’.  (Adding a little lemon gives it an extra boost).


Eat a super healthy breakfast.  Did you drink a little too much over the weekend?  Grapefruit can help with hangovers and it’s a great metabolism boosting food.  Starting the day with a healthy breakfast will kick your entire day off right.  You’ll have more energy and feel encouraged to make other healthy decisions throughout the day.


Make cardio a priority!  Fit it in first thing if you can, if not that’s fine but make sure you do it at some point.  I find that getting my cardio out of the way in the morning is often the only way I make sure it will happen and then for the rest of the day I feel EXCELLENT!  Go for a quick jog, hit up the treadmill, or even follow along with a video – just make sure you fit it in!  Cardio is going to be the fastest way to lose the weight you gained over the past few days…or week.


Take a cold shower.  Sounds miserable, but it feels great after a few minutes.  I have never gone to the extreme and put it on solid cold, but I get as close as I can!  Cold showers are a great way to boost metabolism and burn a few calories without doing hardly anything.  It’s also extremely energizing.  So, hop to it!  Go get refreshed!  Need more info?  Check out this article from on the benefits of a cold shower – you may never want to take a hot one again…


Keep and eye on size.  Last but not least, if you didn’t put any restrictions on portion size this weekend, get back to it today.  No, don’t make your plate ‘skimpy’, just watch your serving size and how many helpings you get.  Sounds like a no brainer but I’ve noticed that after a big weekend of eating whatever/whenever, we tend to stay in that mindset for a few days or even weeks before we get back on track.


Keep in mind, today is your fresh start.  Even if you are dealing with yesterdays choices, it’s TODAY’S choices that determine tomorrow – so make healthy decisions!!


Today is full of

Have a fantastic week, everyone!



Happy Monday Everyone! 

I talk about goals A LOT, but today I want to talk about the fun ones…summer goals!  What is not to love about writing down everything you want to do this summer?!  Keep the DIY home projects off this list…you can make a separate one for those.  I want you to focus on the JOYS of summer and how you can get the most out of it this year – after all, you deserve it!  This is fun and easy exercise…all you need is a pen, paper and five or ten minutes.

To help get you started, I’m sharing my own summer bucket list:

Summer Goals

Feeling inspired?  I can hardly contain my excitement to get started!  Actually, I’ve already started:  I painted my nails last night – bright orange!  And my living room is in the process of being ‘re-done’!  So, what are you waiting for?  Go start your list!!!


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Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday’s are back!  What’s more motivating than before and after photos??  Time to share 🙂

BEforeafter 2

The picture to the left is a few months before I GOT pregnant, although I look like I am a few months along there!  I was leading a super unhealthy lifestyle and was miserable with myself, the way I looked AND the way I felt.  My stomach hurt all the time!  I was eating ‘junk’ all through the day.  My meals were basically junk – cereal for breakfast, instant noodles for lunch, chips, sodas, pre-packaged cakes for snack.  Our dinners were often just as bad, we ate pizza, hot dogs, fries, way too much pasta and those were always followed by late night desserts.  I started getting heartburn every day.  I was in and out of the Doc’s office for stomach pain and other issues.  What a miserable place to be.

I knew a change needed to be made, but I didn’t want to give anything up.  My body had been doing everything it could to communicate with me that it wasn’t ok, but I wasn’t listening.  Finally, I got fed up with how I looked and felt and decided to do something about it.  The photo to the left is right before I started making better choices.  My mom played a major role in the lifestyle change and I owe her so much for her guidance, inspiration and especially the good ‘this is what you need to hear’ talks that straightened me out.  Changing my habits still took a little time, but it was so worth it.

Reach out to family or friends for support.  Making changes can be frustrating and overwhelming so having a strong support system is crucial to being successful.  But I know you can do it!  It feels incredible to not run out of breath climbing the stairs and it feels absolutely amazing to have the energy to play chase with my son.  I could go on and on about all the awesome things that diet and exercise changes have done for me to make me a happier person, but I’m keeping todays post short.  If you ever need more motivation or want to know more about how my life has changed for the better, just shoot me an e-mail.  I have no problem sharing!

Happy Monday!!!!


Personal share: I DO NOT feel comfortable taking ‘selfies’!  But I know that people like to see before/after photos and updated photos, well at least that’s the first thing I look at when I’m on someone else’s blog or website.  It’s inspiring!  If they are super embarrassing, just keep in mind, I am new to the selfie thing

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Motivational Monday!

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2 WEEKS To Go!


Are you ready to put on that bikini in TWO WEEKS???  I hope you said yes!  If not, that’s ok, I’ve got a few workouts to share with you to help get you motivated and feeling great about wearing your bathing suit.



*Taken right after this morning’s workout. It’s pictures like this that keep me going. Start working on your bikini abs today!!!


Full Body Workout –

Starting today, you can fit in 6 full body workouts in 2 weeks!  That is a great start!  Scooby’s Beginner Resistance Band Workout is my #1 recommendation since I noticed results just after two weeks of doing his routine.  It is only 30 minutes long!!  Because he has you changing it up every 5 to 10 minutes, the time flies by so you wont even feel like you’ve been exercising for half an hour.  I do want to add that this is a little more challenging to do than some other workout routines out there so make sure you consult your health care provider before attempting.

I would also like to recommend any of Fitness Blender’s Full Body workouts.  They have a wide range of videos for total beginners to advanced athletes.  View any of their videos on Youtube or their website with your computer, tablet, smart phone or even your Wii U.

Another favorite that helped get me started was Ellen Barrett’s ‘Grace and Gusto’ Pilates video.  You will definitely work up a sweat with this one but it feels amazing!  Find it on Amazon HERE.


Walking –

That’s right, in two weeks you can fit in fourteen 20 minute brisk walks after dinner to help boost that metabolism!  If you don’t have time after dinner, anytime of day for a walk is a good time.  TRUST ME….walking will help you shed those pounds faster than you think!  Just make sure to stick to it and fit it in EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Lifting –

Research has proven that lifting weights actually helps you to BURN FAT while also giving you those beautiful curves you so desire.  Do not be afraid of weightlifting!  It feels incredible, the results are amazing and in my opinion, it’s a lot easier than cardio workouts!

There are tons of great weightlifting routines out there that you can find on Google, Pinterest or  I would suggest starting with one of the best:  Jamie Eason.  She offers a totally free 12 week plan called ‘LiveFit’.  It is the total package – meal plans, workout plans, supplementation advice, etc.  I promise you will fall in love with weight training once you try it!


Now, you’ve got the suggestions and you’ve got two full weeks….what are you going to do to get ready for summer?











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So, I’m a day late posting ‘Motivational Monday’, sorry folks!  I was out and about all day yesterday and didn’t have a chance to do it, but I’m making up for it today.  I want to share another ‘success’ story that is so inspiring and motivating, it’ll have you jumping off the couch and into your kitchen to KICK THE JUNK FOOD TO THE CURB!  That’s right people, this amazing couple that I’m about to tell you about, lost weight because they CHANGED their eating and added low cardio exercise, like walking to their day.  Justin and Lauren Shelton lost over 500lbs combined!  And it wasn’t because of an expensive diet pill, surgery, or any other expensive weight loss program.  The Shelton’s made a change that is tangible for all of us.  They educated themselves about the food they were eating, what healthy alternatives would be and then took action.  Please take a minute to watch their story:

*Unfortunately, I am not able to embed the video at this time, sorry guys!  Let me know if there are problems with the link provided.


Inspired yet?!  I know I am beyond impressed right now!  You can do it too!  Start fresh today – all you need is a positive attitude and a desire to make the change.

And remember, we have THREE WEEKS until the un-official start to summer!!  Let’s get to work!



My fruit basket sits in the middle of my kitchen table. It’s easily accessible and makes sure my ‘snacking’ is healthy. What food do you leave on your kitchen counter??


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Motivational Monday – Countdown Continues…



Feeling a little slow this morning?  Want to feel excited about working out?  Here’s one of my favorite motivators:  New Workout Clothes!


Click image to go to to find this shirt


Lets face it, getting up and pushing ourselves to the limit physically on a Monday morning really sucks.  Not to mention, if you’re doing it right, you’ll be sweating and looking like a mess.  So who wants to look and feel even worse by exercising in that old holey t-shirt or those frumpy sweatpants you’ve had since you were in high school?   < That’s what I HAD been wearing, and it was a total workout ‘mood killer’!  And then I discovered how awesome it felt to find attractive, comfortable active wear!



Click image to be taken to to find these pants


Click image to go to to find these!


Yoga pants are my favorite!  Because of that genius ‘wide band’ and stretchy material, they make you feel thinner the moment you put them on AND  they make workouts a breeze because they move WITH you as you move and don’t restrict you or get in the way.



Click image to go to to find this sportsbra


A fun sports bra is one of my other ‘must haves’.  There is nothing worse than having those girls ‘bouncing’ around as you try to jog because the sports bra you have on is old or not strong enough.  When I first started working out after my son was born, I felt so gross and embarrassed when I would try to do cardio because I couldn’t keep my boobs in place….so I would ‘skip’ that part of the video or workout.  Don’t do this to yourself!  Go get a NICE, sexy and fun sports bra!  I guarantee it will change how you feel about working out.


You don’t have to spend a TON of money on workout clothes.  You can find active wear from Walmart or Target to Macy’s to Victoria’s Secret and on.  Feeling good about how you look is pretty important when it comes to exercising, since most exercises put us in compromising positions or have us doing things that feel ridiculous.  So, treat yourself this week to a new, sexy, feel-good workout outfit.  You will be SO motivated!  And that’s the point.


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Motivational Monday – Countdown To Memorial Day

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Image from


You have FIVE FULL weeks before the big summer kick off.  That’s 35 opportunities to workout and 105 healthy meal possibilities.  Make it happen.  Get out and walk…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.   Use 15 of those 35 days to do a full body workout routine.  Make 84 of those 105 meals healthy ones.  Or even better, make all of them a healthy choice.  This is your fresh start…use it wisely and make a change for the better.  You’ve got this!

Have an awesome week everyone!



Another New Week!

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Memorial Day, (the unofficial start to summer), is exactly 6 WEEKS AWAY!  Don’t wait another day, get up and get started on your beach body!  You have SIX WEEKS!!



Take a few minutes to look for a new bathing suit today…you wont believe how motivating it is…


And then picture yourself in it when you workout…


No excuses ladies!  Make it happen.  Even if you can only do 20 minutes, just DO SOMETHING today.

Here are some quick workouts to get you started:

From Fitness Blenders (I totally LOVE them):

If you need to take it a little more slowly:

And of course, the workout that changed everything for me:

Scoobys Beginner’s Resistance Band Workout:

Ok, you’re all set up!  Ready…set…GO WORK OUT!!!!

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Motivational Monday!

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(Image from:  God Is Heart)

I absolutely LOVE this because it’s so true.  I never regret a workout.  But there have been plenty of ‘sitting on my butt’ days that I do regret.  Start this week off right and find 20 minutes to workout today.  YOU WONT REGRET IT.  Need a suggestion?  Walking, Yoga, or a short HIIT workout are just a few of my favorites that are great when I don’t feel motivated or when I’m short on time.  Challenge yourselves this week and get moving!


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