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Chickpea Salad, Dance Workout and More!

I’ve been spending quite a bit more time on my .com these days so I apologize for the lack of blog posts.  Eventually, I will be referring all of my traffic from here to there, but until I have my computer wiz hubby do that for me, I’ll just manually direct you to my latest posts.


Today I posted the recipe for one of my FAVORITE side salads:  Chickpea Salad from ‘Joy of Cooking’You absolutely need to check it out.  If you are struggling to find a healthy side salad to have for dinner, or if you just need a new recipe idea for lunch – you’re going to love it!





If you’re looking for a fun workout, check out ‘Dance With Me’.  I have listed some of my favorite songs to ‘shake it to’ and links that take you directly to the video instructions for how to do them.  Have a little fun while burning calories!!

Please take a few minutes to check out the entire site: and let me know what you think!

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Making the Switch: Part 3

Part 3:  Lunch Switch


Healthier lunch options are becoming more and more popular these days, which is FANTASTIC….as long as you are taking advantage of it.  Today I’m going to give you a few ideas and some helpful tips to make sure you are making the most of your mid-day meal.

Fuel Food

Lunch is like adding fuel to your gas tank, except you can choose fuel that makes your car faster and more efficient or fuel that makes your car run slow and rough.  What you eat for lunch will determine how well you perform and feel for the rest of the day.  Get a much needed energy boost and re-boot your brain by making wise food choices.  What’s worse than being stuck at work?  Being stuck at work while feeling tired and queasy.  So, kick those greasy fries to the curb, fill up on ‘fuel food’ that not only makes your work day better, but also aides in weight loss.


Food Preparation

You’ll get further if you learn to prep food on your weekends or at the very least, the night before work.  Having everything laid out and ready to grab is much more appealing than staring blankly into the fridge -toothbrush in mouth, five minutes before leaving- with not a clue of what to take.  In order to prep though, you’ll need to have healthy options around, which means you’ll need a list.  Pinterest is THE BEST source for lists like this.  This will get you started:

You may have a job that allows you to keep food at work – if this is the case, that is great news.  Label your food and store in cabnets and the fridge so that you’re never without a lunch.  Good items to keep at work?  Peanut butter and jelly, a loaf of whole grain bread, canned tuna or chicken, cups of yogurt of fruit, mustard and a healthy salad dressing.

lunch shopping 2


“Too Late, I’m Here…What Now?”

If you get caught in a bind and HAVE to order out, be careful!  Don’t think you’re eating healthy when you order Chicken Salad Sandwich that has more mayonnaise than chicken and comes with a side of chips…or think that your ‘Crispy Chicken Salad’ smothered in ranch is helping you with your weight loss goals.  Restaurant ordering can be tricky, especially if you’re in a hurry so…here is suggestions list.  Print it for a quick reference.

Restaruant list

Stay away from pizzas, greasy burgers (or other greasy meat), fries, onion rings, sodas, too much mayo, sour cream or ranch, fried or crispy anything, items loaded with sodium or sauces you’re unsure of (I mean sauces that may contain: sugar, salts, etc).

Ask for steamed vegetables, always go for grilled (chicken, salmon, etc).  Order greens!  spinach, kale, etc.  Order wraps with condiments on the side.  Tell them to hold the rice, pasta and rolls.

And remember when eating restaurant food….you don’t have to finish it all.  If you feel full, put it away.  Remember you have your afternoon snack coming up in an hour or two so you don’t have to STUFF IT ALL IN!!!


What are some good lunch ideas?

One of my favorite healthy lunch options would be THE WRAP.  There are so many ways to fix a wrap that it would take me a while to get sick of them.  Suggestions?? Pick up some whole wheat wraps, fresh leafy greens and a light cheese like mozzarella and create your own wrap with chicken salad, tuna, mushrooms and roasted red peppers, egg salad, deli meat, Caesar chicken, hummus and veggies, etc.

the wrap1

If I’m being honest here, my favorite lunch would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread…it’s around 300 calories, so that’s not too bad.

Salads are another great choice.  No, I’m not talking about that dinky restaurant salad…I’m talking a ‘loaded’ salad.  Some of my favorites??



Last but not least:  lunch sides.  I am pretty boring when it comes to sides.  As long as I have a great main dish, I will eat anything as a side (even the boring plain veggies).  Here are my typical lunch sides:  Scooby’s Coleslaw, any type of melon or fruit, yogurt,  no sugar added apple sauce, carrots or other veggies (with or without hummus), celery or apple with peanut butter, yams with cinnamon, chickpea salad.


Now you’re all set up with healthy lunch ideas!  Enjoy!  And let me know what you try, or if you have any quick and healthy lunch ideas that are not mention above.


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I’m Back!


Image from

That’s right, I’m back at it!  I apologize for my two week disappearance – I have missed blogging, but I was able to accomplish quite a bit.  I wish I could say that my absence was due to crossing lots of fun activities off my summer bucket list, but that’s not the case.  I have been working on my DOT COM!!!  I am SO excited to share it with you!  I still have plenty to do, but it is coming along nicely.  Please, take five minutes – right now – to check out  My main goal for the dot com has been to make all my tips and suggestions easy to access and maneuver, so take a tour and let me know what you think!

My blogging days are not over!  I have lots of great posts coming up so stay tuned for those.  I hope everyone’s summer has been AWESOME and I hope you’re taking care of your beautiful body!





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Have FUN While Working Out!

(Having a little posting trouble tonight so forgive me if you’ve already seen this!)

Hey everyone!  I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but I was too excited not to share this with you…

I just discovered Jessica Bass Byrge…and let me tell you what, if you haven’t already, you NEED to check her out!  Oh my gosh!  She is so much fun!  Today was my ‘leg day’ so I decided to warm up with one or two of her videos to see what she is all about…and…I loved it!  Definitely works  your core and quads a lot, but it feels great and it’s a ton of fun!  What’s not to love about a fun workout?

I’m sharing the most popular video of hers, ‘Dark Horse’, (it pops up everywhere), but I have not tried this looks intense.  I really wanted to include her ‘Proud Mary’ one but it wouldn’t let me add it for some reason 😦  So, go check that out when you get a chance!

Trouble viewing the video?  Check her out on Facebook:  Dance Fitness with Jessica.  Or, check out her site and order a DVD (in case your phone or internet has trouble viewing videos):  I bet you’ll enjoy these!


If you try it, let me know what you think!  I love hearing from you!


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What is the Best Workout for My Body?

I absolutely loved this! Please take a moment to check it out. A lot of great points are made here. Thanks Zander Gladish for a terrific post!

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Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday’s are back!  What’s more motivating than before and after photos??  Time to share 🙂

BEforeafter 2

The picture to the left is a few months before I GOT pregnant, although I look like I am a few months along there!  I was leading a super unhealthy lifestyle and was miserable with myself, the way I looked AND the way I felt.  My stomach hurt all the time!  I was eating ‘junk’ all through the day.  My meals were basically junk – cereal for breakfast, instant noodles for lunch, chips, sodas, pre-packaged cakes for snack.  Our dinners were often just as bad, we ate pizza, hot dogs, fries, way too much pasta and those were always followed by late night desserts.  I started getting heartburn every day.  I was in and out of the Doc’s office for stomach pain and other issues.  What a miserable place to be.

I knew a change needed to be made, but I didn’t want to give anything up.  My body had been doing everything it could to communicate with me that it wasn’t ok, but I wasn’t listening.  Finally, I got fed up with how I looked and felt and decided to do something about it.  The photo to the left is right before I started making better choices.  My mom played a major role in the lifestyle change and I owe her so much for her guidance, inspiration and especially the good ‘this is what you need to hear’ talks that straightened me out.  Changing my habits still took a little time, but it was so worth it.

Reach out to family or friends for support.  Making changes can be frustrating and overwhelming so having a strong support system is crucial to being successful.  But I know you can do it!  It feels incredible to not run out of breath climbing the stairs and it feels absolutely amazing to have the energy to play chase with my son.  I could go on and on about all the awesome things that diet and exercise changes have done for me to make me a happier person, but I’m keeping todays post short.  If you ever need more motivation or want to know more about how my life has changed for the better, just shoot me an e-mail.  I have no problem sharing!

Happy Monday!!!!


Personal share: I DO NOT feel comfortable taking ‘selfies’!  But I know that people like to see before/after photos and updated photos, well at least that’s the first thing I look at when I’m on someone else’s blog or website.  It’s inspiring!  If they are super embarrassing, just keep in mind, I am new to the selfie thing

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Early Motivational Monday



Are your abs ready for this weekend??

I usually take it easy on Sundays, but after a FABULOUS dinner prepared by mother-in-law, (with a second helping of dessert), I had to put in a little cardio time once I got home.  I will say that I DID NOT feel like it tonight!  All I wanted to do was plop down on the couch and put my feet up, but I pushed myself to do it and I’m so glad I did – I felt great afterwards.  Sometimes, all we need is to push ourselves a little.  I started out saying, ‘Just a 15 minutes HIIT workout and then I’ll chill out’.  Well, I did a 17 minute HIIT workout and after I was done, decided to do a 20 minute bike ride.  That’s how it usually works.  Get yourself moving and you’ll feel like going a little further.  Do nothing and you’ll feel like doing nothing.

Once I finished my bike ride, I came in, stretched it out and then had a delicious, tall glass of ice cold water followed by my fat burning tea.  I feel so energized!

I don’t always push myself this hard, but Memorial Day weekend is NEXT WEEKEND!!  I’ll be breaking out that bathing suit and I want to look amazing!  I know you do too!  So ladies, cut back on the salt this week, kick up the cardio and reap the benefits this weekend!  And don’t forget to drink your WATER!


Have an amazing Monday!


Need more inspiration?  Check out my previous ‘Motivational Monday’ posts or ask me anything in the comment section below.  I love hearing from you!


Chocolate Cake, I Can’t Quit You!

What is your food or beverage weakness?  What is the one thing that feels impossible to give up when you start a diet?  Sweets?  Salty things?  Alcohol?  Sodas?




Image From


For me, it’s sweets.  I love chocolate with a cup of hot tea in the afternoon and crave cookies or cake after dinner.  I used to have to have a bowl of cereal before bed!  I’d rather have my ‘sweets’ than I would chips, a glass of wine, a burger, or any other junk food.

When I realized this, everything changed.  I said, ‘Well, I can have a glass of wine or two cookies’, and I went with the cookies.  Everything started to become a ‘this or that’ game and it made my journey much easier.  ‘Do I want a quarter cup of peanut m&ms or a small bag of doritos?’   You get the picture.

So, my idea is to take away some of the stuff you don’t absolutely have to have while still allowing a ‘treat’ food to get you through the possibly ‘tough’ diet transition.  Make sense?  I do not think it’s a good idea to cut out all the bad, unhealthy, or junk food you’re used to eating at once.  That may have worked for some people, but it did not work for me.  So, my alternative to ‘cold turkey’ is one step at a time.  That’s how I lost weight.



Image From


If you said salty things like fries or chips are your weak spot, then add up how many times a day you’re eating sweets or other unhealthy food.  Could you stand to cut out all the sweets at once?  Or would it be easier to eliminate more slowly?  Write this stuff in your journal so that you can have a clear picture of what you’re working with.

I started cutting out the stuff I didn’t HAVE to have.  You can do it too!  What I’m trying to say, is that its ok to have your treat food, especially when you’re just starting out.  Some diets have you completely change your eating over night and you might loose a few pounds the first week but how long does that diet last you?  Allow yourself time to get used to eating differently!  (You’ll hear me say this a million times).  You’ll have greater success in the long run and you won’t feel miserable because you messed up your ‘diet’ the first week.  THINK LONG TERM.  Smaller goals are easier to achieve and easier to stick to.  Dig out those journals and write down the first small goal you’d like to accomplish.  If you’d like to cut out soda, set a goal that you know you can reach such as cutting out one a day for a week.  Once you’ve made it to your goal, you can think about taking it to the next step or giving yourself more time.  What ever works for you. 

So, determine what the ONE thing you can’t live without is and start letting go of the other junk.  Set realistic goals and then get ready to bask in that feeling of accomplishment.



Image From


Let me know how you do!