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Challenge Your ABS

on June 28, 2014


I’m going to be honest – I don’t like crunches.  I’m actually not crazy about working on my abs at all.  It’s the worst part of my workout.  Once I learned that the uncomfortable sessions that make me want to quit were the ones that got me results, I started hating working my core, but especially the crunches.  There are plenty of ‘maintaining’ exercises that I don’t mind, like toe taps, side plank, etc…but crunches?? Oh no.

So, I started looking up videos to give me a little variety – and I’ve found some incredible ones that make ‘crunching’ a little less miserable, although, I’d still prefer to skip that part.  (Of course I’m going to tell you my favorites are from FITNESS BLENDER!  No, I am not paid to advertise for them, they just freakin’ rock!  Go see for yourself!)

Home workouts are great.  Except, you have to be your own personal trainer.  Which is all fine and good until you realize you’ve been doing something wrong.  When you are your own coach – you have to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the instructor/instructions.  Always keep your ears open while following the motions – don’t just watch and copy.  You might not have it right.


There are all kinds of things to listen for…”Keep your back pressed into the floor” or “Lift your shoulder blades OFF of the ground” or the one that caught me off guard the other day (I am totally ashamed to admit this) “Make sure that belly button is pulled in toward the spine”.  Nope, I hadn’t been doing that.  And boy did it hurt when I started using correct form!  It made a HUGE difference!

I’m not just lecturing you here – just giving a friendly reminder because I screwed up and I want to make sure you avoid my mistakes 🙂  I would like to point out that one of the MAIN reasons I recommend Fitness Blender is for their very clear instructions and awesome guidance…I just let myself get distracted and quit listening fully.

So, because of my poor form, I decided to take it back to Pilates – where I originally learned to keep my ‘belly button drawn in and back pressed to the floor’.  I figured it would help drill it back into my head…we shall see.  Here’s the first video I followed:

pop pilates


This was truly a ‘killer’.  Boy, my abs were screaming at me by the end.  I’m sure that makes you want to try it, right?  Just take a look – you might really enjoy it 🙂


What is your favorite OR least favorite ab exercise?


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